Frequently Asked Questions

Upload pictures from your computer or log in via instagram and facebook,
Then arrange the layout yourself.
Check your photo book. Order confirmation And complete the payment.
5-7 days after customers click to place an order and complete payment (Not including delivery)
Able to use both Mac and Window via the following browsers
For Windows you can use Browser -> Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
For Mac, can use Browser-> Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
Cover - Art paper
Inside – Art Matte paper
There are 3 types of delivery which are EMS, Flash Express, Kerry Express
Shipping price starting at 75 baht, next piece of 25 baht
If confirmed can not go back and fix.
Please complete the inspection before confirming the order.
You can know via email whether it is being prepared or delivered.
The images should not be less than 1 MB and the file should be JPG and PNG files.